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Tree Houses are not only for kids!

Since being the shelters most loved by children around the world, the tree houses, thanks to innovative ideas of original design and architecture, are becoming one of the fashions of the moment and many tourists are all around the world that Instead of staying in hotels or apartments, they prefer to climb trees almost to the skies, admiring a truly breathtaking view. Of course, provided you do not suffer from vertigo because all the houses are strictly suspended in the air and have no foundation ... For those interested, we point out that among the leading design experts is the Texan Artis Tree House, specialized just in ecological structures strictly immersed in nature. Their homes are luxurious accommodations in unique and pristine locations that combine sustainable features with a cutting edge, using only ecological materials and solar panels, so as to offer an innovative and adventurous way to connect with Mother Nature. I'm the usual resort!


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