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Tribute to the 60 years of Carosello at MF Museum & Fashion


It will be inaugurated next November 11 in Catania at beautiful location of the Marella Ferrera Museum-Atelier the event-exhibition “60 Anni Carosello: Lenci, gonfiabili e ritornelli” curated by Edo Scirè.

This special retrospective will be inaugurate by Floriana Taurelli, daughter of Cesare Taurelli, remembered as author of the famous theme song among with Recta. She will showcase an original tempering belonged to his father. It's one of the most famous “siparietto” of Carosello created in 1962 by Manfredo Manfredi, great sicilian director and set designer.

A tribute to an extraordinary group of pioneers of communication, between memories and valuable evidence for the first time on public display such as Lenci and moplas dolls, inflatable absolutely Made in Italy, many rarities belonging to the greatest italian collector Carlo Luigi Tranchina, games and newspapers of the time.

On maxi screen it will broadcast many legendary caroselli, authentic art short film performed by famous italian and international actors, singers and celebrities.

The whole thing in a vintage Sixties setting up with textiles, clothes and handbags to revive the wonderful years of economic boom and “Italian miracle". 

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