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Twilight into the Mist "Crepuscule dans le brouillard" Fashion Show by Ken Okada


In fashion we have this slang naming shirts, jeans, t-shirts and other day to day items "basics" but when it comes to discover some of this "basics" under Ken Okada's signature nothing seems to be as expected. Her knowhow is touched by a strong couture understanding with an atemporal tailoring precision but, bathed into a minimalist oneiric univers. She has that gift of taking something simple and render it extraordinary. 

Ken Okada 24 06 19 2

Of Japanese origine, Ken is an absolute Parisian. Her boutique atelier is hidden in the 7th arrondissement, rue de la Chaise, and vibrates under the city's rhythm. Lover of arts and of the French lifestyle, her muses are dancers, poets, artists but also business women. If you start your day in an office and you know you end it in a cocktail, you better dress in Ken Okada. Her style has that business perfection that twisted around becomes an inventive conceptual attire.  

Ken Okada 24 06 19 3

For the 2019-2020 collection, autumn-winter and also the future spring-summer, her fashion show invested the street honouring the 16th edition of the famous Saint-Germain picnic. 

Ken Okada 24 06 19 4

With her listlessness she became an icon of her so loved 6th and 7th arrondissements, dare I say, an Icon of Paris. She holds dear her vision of a refreshed and light fashion where simplicity is couture and evening gowns are easy. Wool and cotton are sculptural materials in her hands.

Ken Okada 24 06 19 5

The shirt follows the body length, deconstructing the feminine silhouette. A touch of surrealism, pure and dreamy as usual, mastering the asymmetry to offer us that delicate extravaganza we have become accustomed to. 

Ken Okada 24 06 19 6

She made a name and a place of her own in the vibrant Parisian fashion world, consecrated in 2009 with the exhibition organised by the Galleries Lafayette: "The history of the Ken Okada shirt". In less than 20 years she became a reference, as we say... if you need a shirt go at Ken Okada's Cocoon. Simple yet complexe, structured yet fluide, strict yet audacious, you will own a timeless fashion item. 

By Alexandra Mas 

If you want to find out more of the artist's inspirations follow her on instagram @alexandramas_artist

All photos by Studio Fradet

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