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Two in one shoes by Tanya Heath

Imagine a shoe that adapts to you. Comfortable enough to get you through your busy day and so fashionable that you look and feel great regardless of what you are doing. This is the amazing idea of the shoes designer Tanya Heath.

She has created the world’s first multi-height shoe with removable heels so that never again will you have to suffer to be beautiful. These shoes are created for the modern women and the brand features 3 collections in the sign of glam, liberty and seduction.

Every heel set off the shoes and the brand has literally hundreds of heels to choose from. The heels come in several different heights, colors, styles and finishes and they embody the latest fashion trends so that you can always stay on top of your look and create endless combinations that take you from one reality to another.So whatever your style, needs and desires we have a shoe for you and that shoe has multiple heels!

About wedding,  Tanya Heath think that no one wants to suffer on their wedding day but how can you smile, dance and receive your guests when you are in terrible pain?  Whether you are the bride, the mother of the bride or part of the bridal party, these multi-height shoes come into their own on this special day.  A sexy stiletto for photos, a high chunky heel for the dinner and a kitten heel for the first dance.  The heel change takes just a micro second and you won’t finish barefoot on the dance floor or sit the party out in a corner because standing has become so painful. Many of our models can be made in bridal colors and Tanya Heath has a special wedding catalogue of heels.

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