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UFASHON exclusive interview

UFASHON exclusive interview with Aadnevik the dynamic design duo Kristian Aadnevik and Hila Biton –Aadnevik at London Fashion Week AW18 by Kim Grahame


KIM: Could you tell me a little bit about your background.

KRISTIAN: I did my Masters at The Royal College of Art. Then worked for a few bigger fashion houses before I started to work on my own.

HILA: My father was a shoe designer and I grew up in these factories.

KIM: What got you interested in fashion?

KRISTIAN: I like to work with my hands. I have this urge to create.

KIM: Your fabrics are tactile and luxurious. What are your favourite?

KRISTIAN: Lace and leather, soft and hard with a lot of craftmanship.

HILA: Chiffons, flowing fabrics, hand beading, quality in every way

KIM: That creates your signature.

KRISTIAN: Yes, it’s very personal because we are both attracted to the darkness a bit, but still we are quite romantic.

KIM: What would you describe as a typical working day?

KRISTIAN: We have the Atelier, we’re always in the Atelier.

KIM:  And which cities do you show in?

HILA: Now London then New York and Paris hopefully next season.

KIM:  Kristian, could you tell me more about your experience working with Alexander McQueen.

KRISTIAN: Working for McQueen I think it was the best experience for me you know. I learnt a lot from him more than anyone else.

KIM: How would you describe your designs?

HILA: Very sensual, very powerful, very complicated and beautiful.

KIM: Aadnevik is contemporary, sexy, soft yet strong making you popular with celebrity stylists like Monica Rose and Karen Raphael. Aadnevik is worn by celebrities at highprofile events including Beyonce, Rihanna amongst others. What is your future vision?

KRISTIAN: We want to grow, expand and keep doing the same.

HILA: We couldn’t ask for better representatives wearing our clothes.


by Kim Grahame

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