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Wedding trend, the handmade eco-friendly bouquet

Recently there is a growing wedding trend related to the concept of sustainable fashion and the desire to preserve the bridal bouquet as long as possible, maybe forever.


Rather than cut off from the earth so many wonderful expensive flowers that will be at the top of their beauty for just one day and then they will whiter slowly because it need lots of care and special techniques for conserving them and most brides don't know enough about that.


So who's getting married today may choose to respect the nature and let a flower free to stay on the ground that protects it, preferring to hold in her hands a very unique and original bouquet because it is entirely handmaded in according to her tastes and desires and, therefore, totally unique, just like every bride. No other woman in the world ever will have a bouquet as its because materials and decorations, in a palette of incredible colors, are endless. Among the most famous brands in the world specialized in eco-friendly bouquet, that aren't simple copies of original flower, but real haute couture compositions of fine craftsmanship, there is "My Secret Face”, an israeli brand founded by industrial designer Inbal Arditi and become today one of the most beloved and popular label in the world from brides who in their more romantic day wanna be unique and original because they knows very well the importance of a significant detail.


Inbal Arditi, proud supporter of a fashion that respects the ambient in which we live, has her international clients also engaged on this front and, at the same time, lover of beautiful and original creations.


“My Secret Face” sells worldwide romantic masterpieces absolutely handmaded  using artisanal techniques in the sign of the real haute couture, with embroideries, decorations, pearls, rhinestones, vintage laces, carvings of precious fabrics especially in ivory, pink, cream, nude, champagne and peach. Inbal Arditi realizes her bouquet in different sizes because the largest will be reserved for the bride, the other bouquet, identical, but smaller, will go to bridesmaids and the even smaller ones to little girls, and little bridesmaids, who come into the church before the bride.


Starting from the sketch created by the designer in her studio-workshop, it would be the bride, even from the other side of the globe, to apply any customizations that she wants in established delivery times. So two women, an industrial designer and a bride in love, in two opposite sides of the world, are both do something of important for the ambient that is also amazing unique.


In fashion today, the goal is to be able to reconcile the sublime with sustainability. Those who already takes care of this like Inbal Arditi and her clients is already saving the world and, in the case of a bouquet signed "My Secret Face", honestly we doubt that a bride may want to throw it away...

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