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Un Capodanno sartorial chic by Gretel Zanotti

A seductive and hyperfeminine fashion is the stylistic figure of Gretel Zanotti, a brilliant designer who knows how to declinate couture in a very personal way thanks to a cultured background rich in memories and suggestions that are impressed as a matrix on every creation.

Young and determined, the stylist mastered with sublime grace innovative sartorial techniques to give the portrait of a strong and courageous woman, perfect interpreter of her times of which she is the absolute protagonist.

Always attracted by every form and artistic representation, in the collections signed by Gretel Zanotti revive codes and styles borrowed from the history of art and transfigured into creations of great charm. A clean and rigorous style is combined with a sartorial mastery and decidedly mature modeling that can translate into reality the most ambitious stylistic projects in the dream of a fashion absolutely Made in Italy in every step, from the idea to the finished garment.

From its latest winter collection, masterfully inspired by the Middle East, those looking for the perfect look to toast the New Year will find proposals of great visual impact, with silhouettes and almost couture cuts, preciously defined by the colors of this time of year. magical and full of expectations, that is white, red and black, to be worn separately in elegant total looks or combined with sumptuously important chromatic effects.


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