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A world made of love and flowers

Extraordinary florist and creator of floreal composition absolutely dreamy for wedding and special occasions, Donato Chiaratti is a realmaster in his field. His brilliant career of florist began in 1986, imposing him very soon as one of the most innovative and original new creative. His savoir faire is equal to his good taste and ability to express with flowers the sentiment that really binds a couple that swears eternal love. And if his flowers are not eternal like this love, will remain in the memory of all those he has been able to give a feeling of beauty, purity and magnificence.

Talking about himself and his job, he used to say that he “fill up spaces in the emptiness, I draw projects in the air and I give away my pictures of love. My dreaming eyes are attracted by the essence of places, I imagine poems of nature, emphasising and seducing all the things around me. As if I were pollen, I let myself go in the wind, sure I am, with the power of invention! I dream of a world made of flowers... I dream of a world made of love, with flowers”.

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