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Under the sun

The natural elements are the inspiration for the new and fresh Spring Summer 2019 collection of MONTEGALLO. Colors, shapes, color combinations, materials and workmanships are a tribute to nature in its purity. A secret garden becomes the perfect refuge for a traveling gentlewoman looking for special destinations, hidden beaches and Mediterranean cliffs.

Uninhibited, eclectic, sophisticated, elegant and versatile, the Montegallo collection experiences unprecedented space-time connections with the freedom of the postmodern journey.

From the dunes to the countryside, on an off-road vehicle or an elegant walk to an adventurous metropolitan safari in Italy. Influences Urban Bohemien and Countryside come together to contaminate freely with stylistic trends of the past and contemporary and the result is a multiform, colorful collection, perfect for every circumstance.

An ethereal and fresh palette blends with the art of weaving and processing straw, handed down from generation to generation, thus creating unique masterpieces of craftsmanship. Because the mission of Montegallo has always been the recovery of the Marche tradition of craftsmanship, as well as of values, femininity and timeless elegance.


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