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An unmistakable style identity


Identity and style are the keywords for Giovanni Raspini's Fall Winter 2019/20 collection.
Contemporary design blends harmoniously with the great tradition of craftsmanship of the brand, which in each season presents unique jewels that are transformed, with silent elegance, into "must have" jewels.
There are five new collections presented by emblematic names:

Crocodile jewel from the classic theme of the brand, realized in electroforming where the crocodile texture integrates with perfect elegance to tubular elements, giving each jewel an exciting play of reflections.

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Bambù is undoubtedly an exclusive novelty of this collection, which will spontaneously turn into one of the brand's iconic jewels. Modern young and elegant, this collection expresses in all its spirit the great creative flair of the maison dictated by the masterful rigor of the master craftsmen in the realization of the collections. The jewel is very light, but expresses great character and stylistic strength.

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Moon Flower born from the idea of an imaginary and beautiful flower. It has a naturalistic character, the collection is made of silver through lost wax casting, the petals are in burnished metal and shine with iridescent reflections thanks to the rainbow labradorite, also known as moonlight stone, a delicate and elegant natural stone.

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Mini Maui is a jewel that releases youth and strength with an elegant and sober character with iridescent reflections of pink, gray and green of mother-of-pearl and quartz that recall the colors of dawn, giving an incomparable light and harmony to the wearer.

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Bond is the collection dedicated to men, which proposes a silver thread wrapped in an axis almost to interpret a "bond" as is the intrinsic DNA of man and for which every woman is fascinated and kidnapped by his manhood and the only sensual masculinity.

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