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Unique and unrepeatable furnishings


Each creation tells the story of its individual production. The philosophy of 15 Dixième is to bring to light the dexterity and craftsmanship of their decorative and furnishing objects which are truly unique pieces that testify to the artistic and creative flair of the brand.

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Each object is made entirely by hand, the metal sheets are patiently brushed by hand to give the metal a texture, a sense of reading. Sometimes they are cut freehand and often traces of roughness appear, which highlight the craftsmanship of the French maison, the uniqueness in each individual creation of its decorative and furnishing objects.

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15Dixième designs and manufactures decorative and furniture's objects or custom orders for architects, decorators and private individuals. The production also includes decorations for walls and ceilings, giving the spaces a modernity that transmits originality and is expressed with objects that are the result of the most ancient and secret manufacturing techniques.

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15Dixième was born from the will of David Mugot and Valérie Iniesta who more than 20 years ago decided to want to furnish spaces with the creation of unique and original furniture and metal structures, but above all in the rigor of craftsmanship that makes their furniture collections unique and unrepeatable.


Credit Images: 15Dixième

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