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Upside down, desert and underwater: it's Christmas time!

Worldwide Christmas trees are spectacularly entered now into the collective imagination and become an authentic tradition. As the trees upside down of the Liberty Hotel in Boston. In this space, in fact, the Christmas trees are upside down and hanging from the ceiling, creating a fantastic waterfall of lights and decorations. This original choice made unique this elegant structure so that the ignition of the trees (which takes place on 26 November) is experienced as an event from all over the city.

Equally impressive is setting up a Christmas tree in the middle of the desert as it happens by years at the luxurious Fairmont Scottsdale resort in Arizona, in the United States. The decorations of the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess make unique Christmas atmosphere. Palm trees and cactus are illuminated, creating a fairytale scenario, while on the dry desert sand is placed at an ice skating rink where guests can skating on the rhythm of Christmas songs Speaking of challenges, we conclude with the sea and more precisely with the wonderful underwater Christmas tree with which every year the Resort Anantara Maldives astonishes its guests. The tree is admirable directly from glasses of the restaurant which is placed below the level of the water. Impressive, submerged, colonized by corals and made nicer by the relentless gradually yet colorful tropical fish that swim around, the Christmas tree of the Anantara Resort is pure art.

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