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Urban Safari Collection


Addressing the yearning for a return to nature and a desire for richly decorated rooms, Urban safari reigns in the chaos of the wild with the order of the modern world. This fun fusion brings the rich African landscape to the home in a way that’s more modern than museum.

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Urban safari creates a feeling of unspoiled nature through exposed wood tables, liberal use of foliage, and animal print design. In particular, leopard print. So move aside lions - In this jungle, leopards reign supreme. 

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Through the use of animal prints, the look offers hints of the wild and balances it out with classic pieces that bring a refined elegance. Introduce these prints in a bold, statement-making way with chairs and sofas or make it chic by pairing patterned cushions and footstools with a plain velvet sofa.

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Colourwise, urban safari replicates the African landscape with natural tones mixed with bright pops of colour. Think deep yellows, clay browns, and warm terracottas. Introduce touches of glamour with gold and bronze through the use of accessories like vases or gold-capped chairs such as the Bronte (available in leopard).

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This style is all about expressing personality through maximalism. Feel free to be as over the top or as tame as feels right. Whether opting for the exotic with leopard and zebra prints or something more familiar with foxes and deer, this wild style remains fun and filled with bold statements.  

Start the hunt for a wild new look by trekking through Cult Furniture’s safari collection today.

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