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Valentino, Haute Couture Paris SS2020


The Haute Couture SS 2020 collection by Maison Valentino, cleverly directed by Pierpaolo Piccioli, is a hymn to the liberation of the subconscious, because when we talk about fashion, we talk about dreams and these are the maximum expression of our subconscious, which they release without any code, the will to express oneself.

Valentino SS2020 2
Valentino SS2020 3

The Maison's collection is like a journey into the unconscious, which Piccioli unleashes between volumes, color combinations and transparencies to be the frame of a hyperfeminine woman.

Valentino SS2020 4
Valentino SS2020 5
Valentino SS2020 6

The creative director explores his memories which translates them into "True Couture" dresses with the extraordinary ability to renew themselves according to the eras and social transformations of women, without ever failing in the iconic style of absolute elegance of the Roman Maison.

Valentino SS2020 7
Valentino SS2020 8

He was able, with masterful savoir fair, to interpret those dreams that are released in unique volumes and shapes, as unique are the dreams that Pierpaolo Piccioli has been able to shape, with a collection of true Haute Couture.

Valentino SS2020 9
Valentino SS2020 10
Valentino SS2020 11

In addition to the iconic Valentino red, there was no lack of shades of pink, mint and a beautiful purple color which was followed by elegant black dresses.

Valentino SS2020 12
Valentino SS2020 13

"Trusting oneself" said Piccioli, "free the will to explore shapes and emotions in ways that emphasized a choice and that only Valentino craftsmen are able to achieve."

Valentino SS2020 14
Valentino SS2020 17

In this collection Pierpaolo Piccioli not only frees dreams, but translates absolute elegance with new shapes.


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