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Vertigo by Sylvio Giardina, the eternal spring of beauty

Sylvio Giardina is one of the very few aesthetes in the world able to give through her creations an emotion that never runs out and always takes you inside, wrapped and protected in the maze of the mind, in that mental castle where you know you can find it pure and intact whenever you need to conjure up a happy memory.

His installation "Vertigo" is not only a refined tribute to the most ineffable and sublime savoir faire, but it is a happy victory between Fashion and Art, it is not a combination or a contamination between these two creative universes, but the magical Big Bang that we were all waiting. A new day has arrived.

Over the years, AltaRoma has lost every experimental patina, limiting itself to an offshoot as avant-garde that is only unusual and surprising because it is far from the proposed classical canons.

Sylvio Giardina the aforementioned classical canons have the gift of ignoring them completely, or rather, like any true man of culture, has naturally studied them and made them their own, and only once deep, almost forget them, turning them into a delicate shadow that fleetingly crosses his memory.

It is a necessary step for every true artist. Only in this way will he finally be able to know, far away, vibrate and strengthen what is his true Voice, free from the echo of that of the great of the past.

And a new melody begins, so powerful and original. Destined to be loved and listened to by similar spirits who recognize themselves in this fundamental harmony. Step by step comes the moment when you realize you have really come a long way, orient yourself in this great infinite nothing that was waiting for you only thanks to your intuition and your senses so unique and developed.

"Vertigo" by Sylvio Giardina is the arrival point of this solo, courageous, extraordinary journey. Of this exceptional couturier, whose candid dresses in tulle, organza and crystals draw silhouettes, which we admire today but already belong to Tomorrow, it is admirable the consistency with which he has always managed to remain himself, without ever denying his style or bending to easy compromises. This is the real Alta Moda. From Paris to Rome - sorry to say, but it is the truth - in an orgy of cloned clothes without any personality and above all, something much more serious, with nothing to say, here Sylvio Giardina reminds us of the sense of All.

Does the Haute Couture still make sense? It is a question that is often heard by those who think that ready to wear and fast fashion respond well to the needs of the contemporary world. Much CCCP: produce, consume, crack. Or Trainspotting, if you prefer.

But if you think that everything that is wonderful in the world certainly can not belong to the category of Time created by science, human too and therefore fallacious, never forget that there is a dimension in which Beauty never fades and the clock marks an eternal present. This applies to the greatest works of man who will never know what it means to walk along the avenue of sunset, as is the bitter fate of most human creations for use and consumption today.

An eternal spring will shine forever on what has affected and will affect the history of man.

Because what is Fast nowadays is definitely Fast to disappear. But Sylvio Giardina of this lesson has made his philosophy: it is not the time to pass. He remains, after all.

We are the only ones who pass by and our only humble way to stay is to leave something of Fast that has absolutely nothing. Like the real Haute Couture.



Mood: Vertigo Couture

Lengths: at the knee

Volumes: soft and comfy follow the female silhouette, exploding with embroideries and sculptural decorations

Colors: white and multicolor sandals

Fabrics: organza, tulle


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