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Viktor & Rolf, Haute Couture Paris SS2020


Since 2016, Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren have used archival fabrics from their suppliers to make their Haute Couture dresses or they have used samples unsold.

VRSS2020 1

Their great skill has always been to revive forgotten fabrics, reinterpreting them in a totally modern key, with style and elegance.

VRSS2020 2

They have chosen to create Haute Couture Collection with total respect for the environment and in every season they are surprisingly brilliant in translating into fashion something that in reality no longer had a life of its own.

VRSS2020 3

Not only that, thanks to their noble philosophy, they have shown that a "true couture" can be done without damaging the environment and giving the maximum expression to what now seems to have become a conscientious obligation: "recycling".

VRSS2020 4

But this is not enough for them. They need to express their creation with strong messages, not only dictated by expertly sewn fabric cuts or by the choice of fabrics that, thanks to their skill, actually seem to have been created for this or that dress, their message wants to be clear, direct, reflective, without any margin of error.

VRSS2020 5

And here on the catwalk the models are enriched with tattoos, like real messages, which, although very current now in the common costume, also want to be a real reading of a consciousness that can no longer go unnoticed.

VRSS2020 6

And so the collection is transformed like a fairytale world that tells and expresses a fragile woman, but at the same time determined and responsible in communicating to anyone who observes her, not only to admire her beauty, but to have the responsible conscience of a new lifestyle, respecting the environment around us.

VRSS2020 7
VRSS2020 8

"Patchworks" is therefore the fundamental element of Viktor & Rolf's Haute Couture SS2020 Collection where accessories also find their most sublime transformation.

VRSS2020 9

So Haute Couture can also be created from the recycling of a fabric, without having any impact on the environment, the important thing is knowing how to express your creative art and certainly Viktor & Rolf are an extraordinary example of it in the Haute Couture of our days.

VRSS2020 10


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