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Emily Satloff, founder of Larkspur & Hawk, draws inspiration for her precious jewelry creations from her deep experience and passion for the world of art and design.
Daughter of art collectors, since she was very young she has been surrounded by objects and works of art, she has visited many museums and auction houses, thus approaching a world of "beauty and antiques" that will influence her career. designer.

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Over the years she has chosen jewelry, transforming this passion as a means of expression, merging her knowledge of antiques with the passion of design and giving life to her unique and rare beauty jewelry creations.

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The key to Emily Satloff's success is that the research she conducts for jewelry is not really different from the research she has conducted for museums, with the difference that her small and precious works of art can be worn, as well as being admired.

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Falling in love with the romantic origins of Georgian jewels and subtle shimmer, Emily deepened her research into this lost art, and was attracted by the high quality of their jewelry.
The designer was able to bring to light all the beauty and preciousness of Georgian jewels, contaminating them with what was her knowledge of the world of antiques, but revisiting it extraordinarily in a modern key.

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The designer, driven by her passion and irrepressible desire to express her art, has gone beyond the confines of her imagination, creating even unique furnishing accessories.
Today the brand Larkspur and Hawk creates precious collections of jewels and decorative arts appreciated all over the world: the designer designs from two to three new collections every year in her showroom in the NoHo neighborhood of Manhattan where one is immersed between history and design, between passion artistic and cultural, between beauty and wearable art.

Images from: Larkspur and Hawk

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