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Webert in 3D, additive manufacturing is combined with interior design

Made in Itay always on the cutting edge: Webert, an Italian company that since 1975 has been synonymous with innovation, quality and technology in bathroom furniture, and not only, has launched an elegant and avant-garde line of taps made with 3D printing techniques, joining cisì in a product only technology, functionality and aesthetics.

Faucets with modern and captivating shapes realized thanks to an innovative production method for the "One-Series" collection for bathroom and kitchen.

Thus Webert is the first company in the world to present mass-produced objects on the market (not prototypes or very expensive concepts) printed in 3D through additive manufacturing (3D printing dedicated to metals, in this case 316L Stainless Steel) able to contain production costs.

The "One-Series" collection for the first time combines additive manufacturing with interior design. This means being able to finally create new silhouettes of taps that more and more are expected that with time, thanks to technology, they will become authentic decorative objects.


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