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Wedding favor, a romantic gift

During these years the wedding favor has reinvented itself to avoid being hidden in some drawer. The bride and groom want to donate an object able to surprise their guests. Today many are focusing on a poem in parchment paper, rolled and closed by one dazzling satin bow if not on books with famous poems Davis, useful for those who is still single.

Many couple offers James Bond style Martini glasses or tiny colored coffee from a mug and even corkscrew with an intriguing design to celebrate special moments in the years to come. Word order: being remembered. So must have absolute is still all that is not only made of silver, but also signed, as Tiffany Co, so refined and chic and so hard to criticize.

Historically the small gift containing a bag with confetti that traditionally should be white with almond and five in number symbolizing the five qualities of married life: happiness, health, fertility, long life and wealth. The term "bomboniera" comes from the French "bombonniere", coined in France of Louis XIV where it used to give delicious bon bon in a small bag realized in mother of pearl, gold or ivory. In Italy is only in 1896, on the occasion of the marriage of the future king of Italy Vittorio Emanuele and Elena del Montenegro that these sweet presents becomes the classic gift to make for guests at the end of the romantic reception.

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