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When apples, bamboo, wood, crystals and organic textiles design a planet friendly fashion.

Atelier TERRA URBANA believes in a healthier, more socially responsible and more environment-friendly world. His goal is to be a part of the bigger picture -one that places humanity on a higher level of consciousness with respect to nature and all forms of creation. That is why The Atelier focuses on devising natural, high-quality fashion designs, respecting the concept of sustainability throughout the creative process. Terra Urbana uses only organic materials that do not contain any residues from artificial fertilisers, pesticides or growth-enhancing substances, and manufactures its products organically without heavy metal salts or harmful chemicals. The beauty and quality of our garments is something that goes beyond what the eye can see.

Promoted by Slovenian costume & fashion designer Mateja Benedetti, TERRA URBANA combine a green spirit with a revolutionary production process to create one of a kind high end fashion. MatejaBenedetti is interested in sustainability and local production for the label, while graphic designer Sasa Kladnik's keen eye for the best in style makes them an exciting and innovative team.

“Birds of Paradise” The collection for Spring/Summer 2018
Responsible and innovative
presented on Mercedez Benz Fashion week at Ljubljana (Slovenia)


Birds of Paradise are the most striking and dramatic birds in the world. The story of this amazing species touched the designers. The Atelier Terra Urbana captured their beauty and spirit in a collection without hunting or otherwise harming them. All the energies were invested in new sustainable technologies in order to create a colourful and exquisite collection to match the beauty of these birds. Using  ErcigojART embroidery, the brand developed natural digital embroidery and combined it with patterns created by means of digital water-based printing without any heavy metals. This collection uses only organic, natural and certified materials, such as organic cotton, organic silk, bamboo and organic wool.

For the Italian partner Pellebelle/ applewear, the brand designed garments made from apple skin, which comes from apple waste produced by the food-processing industry. Apple skin is an innovation in the fashion industry – and this is the first time that it is being shown at a fashion week anywhere in the world. Some parts of the garments were cut with laser technology to imitate the feeling of modern lace. A jewellery designer Dalija Segacreated for the brand a sustainable flower hats made with organic silk and handmade.

This sustainable fashion collection is one of the first in the world to combine this many new techniques and innovative materials. This is a new way of living where we protect first and create later.



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