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When passion and art are transformed into unique jewels


Often in fashion it turns out that great designers, such as Gianfranco Ferrè or Tom Ford, just to name a few, have created historic and international fashion houses, they had a single denominator: being architects.

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In fact, the study of shapes, proportions, balances and design, associated with artistic passion and sensitivity, have given rise to historical brands and icons of luxury and elegance of Made in Italy in the world.
Silvia Guarnieri is certainly part of this designer niche.

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After a career as an architect, collaborating with prestigious companies, Silvia decides to give space to her creative flair and passion: the processing of the material and the whole research and production process that derives from it.
She opens a craft workshop in Stezzano in the province of Bergamo, where she experiments with the material and her jewels created with porcelain take shape.

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Her source of inspiration is nature that continually enriches her emotions and suggestion by creating unique jewels, where art, passion and design meet harmoniously and with total respect for the environment.
In fact, in the creation of her collections, the environmental impact is practically zero, using Silvia Guarnieri non-toxic materials and every small residue is reused for the production of new jewels.

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The success of her collections is the extraordinary ability that the designer has to interpret with elegance and style, jewels capable of telling a story and the uniqueness of each single piece, rigorously handmade, is the result of small works of art … all to wear.

© Silvia Guarnieri

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