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When the Couture lights up

Valentina Abbruzzese is a fashion designer, who after a long experience in fashion tailoring where she learns the most secret techniques of "made to measure", expresses and frees her tailoring ability in shaping fine fabrics by applying them to free shapes that can furnish the environment.


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And here is where, at the end of the nineties, her project "Lamp Couture" was born, where natural geometries take shape to create unique, unrepeatable objects, like the real couture wants.

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Warm, sinuous lamps, with the most elegant shapes, magically furnish the rooms and thanks to the scrupulous search for fine fabrics that the designer demands for her creations, you can admire shapes and bodies of lamps animated by a light that enhance, not just the design , but also the preciousness of the materials used.
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