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WHITE MILANO’S expansion in the TORTONA FASHION DISTRICT: the new location TORTONA 31 and the number of exhibitors have grown (546 brands, + 6,85%). focus on international development with the SPECIAL GUEST ROUGE MARGAUX

WHITE further expands its hub in Tortona 31, which has tripled its space, reasserting Tortona Fashion District status as one of the most dynamic and vibrant spots during Milan Fashion Week. 4 days of trade-fair during the womenswear fashion week, the leading event for the Italian fashion system. WHITE thus reaffirms its primary role in the international womenswear segment. Thanks to partnership and the collaborations with a number of Countries – among which the presence of Modefabriek from Amsterdam - WHITE has turned out to be the ideal marketing-oriented platform both in terms of consolidated, and cutting-edge  brands. Furthermore, the collaboration with Camera Italian Buyer Moda goes on, further promoting events and making the Tortona Fashion District increasingly dynamic. Among the special projects: Federica  Tosi’s SEE NOW BUY NOW collection, exclusively for WHITE.

With four locations and a 21.700 square meters surface (8,5% larger than in February 2017) WHITE relies on an increasingly buyer-oriented brand mix with consolidated  brands, international names and hip labels. The tradeshow – under the aegis of the Municipality of Milan, on stage form 23rd to 26th February – is all set to put on show 546 brands (6,85% more than in February 2017), out of which 163 are international – a 12,4% increase compared to last year’s edition, and 210 new entries, thus registering a 11,10% increase.  The Tortona 31 Opificio location has also been expanded with two new exhibiting areas, beside Tortona 31/Archiproducts, created in September 2017. These numbers go to show that both Italian, and international insiders are keen on electing Milan as the best showcase to unveil their ideas on a constantly evolving market.

"The expansion of the exhibiting area and the 546 brands at this fashion week show that businesses, insiders, buyers and the public alike consider Milan, above all WHITE, the ideal showcase to present their collections in an increasingly rich and international framework. So Cristina Tajani, councillor for Labour Policies, Economic Development, Fashion and Design, who goes on: The extensive collaboration between the Municipality and the tradeshow allows the city, as well as the whole Italian fashion  scene, to stand out as a true forerunner of trends and styles".

Under the banner of this growing internationalization,  the show’s Special Guest is Rouge Margaux, Paris-based label created in 2016, and currently under the artistic direction of Cem Cinar, who, following important experiences  with Y Project and Rick Owens, today spearheads the brand, already cherished by several international insiders. For the first time Rouge Margaux’s new collection will be presented in Milan, at Tortona 31 / Archiproducts, following the launch in Paris and the presentations in Seoul, Hong Kong and Tokyo. So Cem Cinar, creative director of Rouge Margaux: «It is exciting to be part of a new adventure and expand Rouge Margaux’s horizons. We are thrilled to grow the presence of our brand internationally by presenting our collection in a city that is new to us, Milan, additionally to our showrooms during Paris and New York fashion weeks. We are delighted to do so in collaboration with WHITE ». Rouge Margaux will also  be the protagonist of a special live performance to showcase the new collection at Tortona 31/Archiproducts.

Another important asset of the tradeshow is the partnership developed with Confartigianato Imprese and ICE - Agenzia, to internationalize and promote Italian businesses with projects like It’s Time to South and Style Routes to Shanghai, which, for the second time, will take a selection of industries willing to develop business opportunities on the Chinese market to the October’s edition of Shanghai fashion week.

"Making the most of the creativity, innovation and handicraft tradition of Southern-Italian fashion, while offering businesses opportunities on the international markets:  this is the goal ICE pursues by supporting WHITE, and with the third edition of the event It’s Time to South - so the President of ICE - Agenzia, Michele Scannavini. - It’s Time to South fruitfully joins a platform that has already proven to be successful internationally, also thanks to the collaboration between the promoters and the institutions.  This synergy has enabled the development of Styles Routes to Shanghai too, a new project on one of the most dynamic marketplaces, the Chinese one, where Italian fashion has seen a double-digit growth in 2017".

With the expansion of the 4 locations (Tortona 27, 31, 35, 54) WHITE MILANO proves to be extremely vibrant and growth-oriented, which, in this peculiar historical moment, shows the force of both the tradeshow and its format, which also appeals to legendary brands.

"The development  of the new Tortona 31 location, parading international brands and made-in-Italy businesses – points out Massimiliano Bizzi, Founder of WHITE – has turned the Tortona Fashion District into the reference point during the fashion week. Thanks to the turnout of brands and visitors at the tradeshow, today covering as many as four exhibiting scenarios, we are increasingly aware of WHITE’s and Milan’s role in the international fashion system".

"We are pursuing our development strategy on many fronts - so Brenda Bellei, CEO of M.SEVENTY – namely through the expansion of the venues within Tortona Fashion District, the interesting international collaborations with first-class partners, our partnership with ICE - Agenzia, Confartigianato Imprese and Conf. Export, to develop business opportunities for Italian businesses by promoting the incoming of top international buyers and, above all, by encouraging the presence of the businesses that we promote on the international markets, like the Chinese one, thanks to the project Style Routes to Shanghai, on which we are already collaborating with ICE in view of the upcoming edition".

Focussing on internationalization, the new location Tortona 31 Opificio,  within Archiproducts, is set in an inspirational backdrop, the ideal scenario to showcase a selection of the best international designers of the moment, also thanks to the renewed partnership with Mastered, the prestigious London-based development company, which collaborates with the likes of Tim Blanks, Nick Knight, Fabien Baron, to mention just a few. The brands selected by Mastered and WHITE for this edition are: WJY Studio, Isla Fontaine, Tessa Spielhofer (all coming back to WHITE on the wake of the excellent feedback they obtained at the September 2017 edition) Sam Ham and Thread Em. Beside the labels selected with Mastered, a series of designers and international labels like Ksenia Schnaider, Laura Theiss, Synestesiac, Babukhadia. Another novelty of this location is the TEMPORARY SHOP  AERE x WHITE.  Aere is a Milanese cutting-edge boutique, with online store, dedicated to upcoming brands: from George Keburia, Peet Duallert, Son Trava, Saskia Dies, Y-Project, down to Wanda Nylon and many others. For the first time the store will open the doors of its selection to the fashion aficionados in the heart of the fashion district, thus offering visitors and the public alike an unprecedented shopping experience. Again in Tortona 31, Daily Paper, one of the most interesting names in the European fashion scene, at WHITE thanks to the collaboration with the Dutch tradeshow Modefabriek.

Among the assets that have always identified  WHITE, there are the Special Areas. Within the tradeshow, they stand out owing to their distinct exhibiting format, specially designed to make the most of the brands on show. This edition of WHITE Milano is going to parade the likes of Sartorial Monk, for the first time at the February show with their ready to wear combining neo-contemporary minimalism and Japanese tradition; .Outer’s pristine language; Darkside Eyewear’s glam frames, and Inês Torcato’s chic touch, all exponents of the Portuguese new wave, while Dani is the fresh made-in- Kazakhstan label. Pierre-Louis Mascia, with the its made-in-Italy motley prints, Belgian designer Sofie D’Hoore, with her pure aesthetics, Faliero Sarti’s boundless creativity; Stefano Mortari’s outstanding knitwear and refined minimalism are all coming back to the show. Each with a creative story to tell. Other highlights of the February 2018 tradeshow are: the hyper- feminine design of Attic and Barn; OOF’s sporty outerwear. The creativity at the tradeshow trespasses the traditional boundaries to focus on accessories too, namely on Six London’s must-haves, prestigious showroom  based in London, which is going to take to WHITE the excellence of Dorateymur, Leandra Medine, Nicole  Saldaña, Toga Pulla, Rombaut and Rue St. Portugal is partaking  with Carla Pontes,  Luis Buchinho, Pé de Chumbo and Pedro Pedro. From Kazakhstan, designers Fariza Sultan, Utari and Zibroo Design  are worthy of note. Their presence in the Special Areas underscores a novel way of interpreting ready-to-wear fashion. Among the Special Projects, the collection SEE NOW BUY NOW that Federica Tosi has specially designed for WHITE: 5 special outfits (3 dresses – evening dresses and day dresses, 2 outfits consisting of t-shirts with trousers), all coming exclusively in white/black. They will be readily available, with 15-days delivery to the stores. A project exposing the new frontiers of marketing and communication  designed by WHITE, which is increasingly working closely with the designers and brands to keep coming up with innovative formats.

At WHITE Lounge the project IT’S TIME TO SOUTH takes centre stage, the format the tradeshow has designed in partnership with ICE - Agenzia, to make the most of made in Southern Italy creativity. Islands included. Eight regions for 15 talents showcasing their creative  vision: from Sicily, the emotional couture of Cettina Bucca; the updated retro glam of Sikuly Art & Tradition  and Yesicily’s pictorial  flair. Sardinia responds with Barbara Pala reinterpretations; Pretziada’s creative  collective and with Quattromani’s linear aesthetics. Apulia stands out thanks to Archivio’s fusion of art and fashion and to Rossorame - Il Mondo  di Sofia, the collection showcasing young YouTuber and student Sofia Graiani’s cartoons on sweaters and T-shirts. From Molise, Gaetano Pollice with his bags merging present and future, and Decata’s denim. There is also a section dedicated to the bijoux, with the highly tactile creations by Carlotta Scarabeo, designer from Campania,  who reinterprets the nautical ropes.  Leda di Marti parades her exquisite Calabrian background with her ready to wear, while from Basilicata, the sculptural jewels of Manuela Telesca and the timeless frames of Occhialeria Artigiana are all set to land at Tortona Fashion District. Abruzzo shimmers with ValeJewelab’s jewels and their unusual blend of humble and precious materials.

WHITE is also brightened by a wealth of events both at Tortona Fashion District and in the city. The show-case developed by La Tenda with Majestic Filatures enjoys the special support of the tradeshow, which, on the opening day on 23rd February,  is going to invite its guests to join La Tenda Experience, where they will have  a chance to discover the limited edition T-shirt deluxe designed by Margherita Premuroso: an happening designed as a virtual runaway, following a cocktail party at Fashion Café, to the boutique La Tenda and the event “Il Giardino di Frida”, part of format La Tenda Experience. The made-in-Italy leatherwear brand GABS is all set to join WHITE for the prize-giving ceremony of the contest Gabs Fiat 500 #VINCILACONLAGABSULE, launched by the brand, which foresees the awarding of a Fiat customized with the brand’s iconic prints. This event is part of the partnership with WHITE Milano, which is going to cooperate with Campomaggi & Caterina Lucchi for the next 5 editions to launch new initiatives with major media coverage.


Superstudio Più, Tortona 27, is WHITE’s core and milestone, and it has always catalysed  the attention on the Tortona Fashion District with an exceptional brand mix ranging from consolidated names to international brands and cutting- edge labels. On stage in February two main themes, shedding a spotlight on the eclecticism of the names on show: Feminine Attitude and Contemporary Mood. Their very names suggest the aesthetic trends on display. Under the banner of Feminine Attitude, the likes of An An Londree, with their silks and hand-painted fabrics; Mykke Hofmann’s refinedness chiselled on the silhouettes; but also Douuod’s ironic mood; Mr.Mrs. Shirt’s elegant modernity, PDR Phisique du Role’s femininity. Other assets of the next Autumn/Winter are Semicouture’s distinctive personality; Oneonone’s  outstanding knitwear,  Knitss’s marked identity, Victoria Andreyanova cosmopolitan flair, as well as LaSeine&Moi’s eco-friendly esprit. Accessories too express a Feminine Attitude: Kooreloo’s over-décor bags; Paola d’Arcano’s chromatic and tactile contrasts; Tipe e Tacchi’s precious beauty and Lenora Scarpe di Lusso’s romantic flair. The Contemporary Mood’s incisiveness is well represented by Haikure’s style, Closed’s cosmopolitan  design, Joe’s Los Angeles casual jeans. Traditional Weatherwear’s outerwear,  Destin’s hyper-enveloping scarves and Lovat & Green eclectic ones also stand out. And, of course, the show could not come without a legendary name like Borsalino, with their urban-chic felt hats. Other highlights are Anthology  Paris’s accessories with Parisian flair, the dynamism of Fracap and MYVI’s, Couverture and Nine in The Morning’s appeal, and much more on show from 23rd  to 26th February at Tortona Fashion District.

Focus on WHITE scouting, with the Red Area, hosting the brands showcasing for the first time at the tradeshow. A section designed for all those buyers who are on the look-our for novelties. Wehve’s conceptual knitwear, Stone’s contemporary scarves, Quidli Camenigi’s  premium knitwear are all  showcased here. The French know-how is expressed in Mapoésie  Paris’s scarves  and homewear; from Berlin, the geometric minimalism of VeeCollective’s bags. Back in Italy, Alpo’s gloves, founded in 1910, SO.BE chromatic storytelling on knitwear, a brand born in 2017, while Feel Me Fab looks to the romantic side of every woman.

INSIDE  WHITE is the venue that the tradeshow devotes to upcoming businesses – both national and international - and that, each edition, awards the most creative and marketable collection with Inside White Award. In this area, the signature knitwear of Avril8790, who partook in WHITE MAN & WOMAN in January 2018; Fassamano eyewear’s new glam; eco-friendly  Yoj by Laura Strambi, protagonist  in January of Showroom Connection@WHITE; Montegallo’s precious hats; Kimo No Rain’s techno raincoats, to mention just a few.

One of WHITE biggest assets, the BASEMENT is the flagship location for all those who are looking for vanguard mood, both in terms of design and manufacture. A venue that, over the years, has developed a clean-cut identity. At WHITE MILANO’s upcoming edition, this underground scenario is going to stage several celebrated and outstanding names of the international creativity, sharing a freedom of expression capable of turning premium fabrics into capes, waistcoats or hats, like Ermanno Gallamini’s; or the timeless essence of Album di famiglia - Serie numerata, featuring a knowledgeable use of premium yarns. Next to these highlights, the sartorial passions of Ibrigu; the aesthetic pureness of Marc the Bihan, the stylistic crasis between East and West, between past and future of Nostrasantissima, as well as the conceptual mash-ups of Simona Tagliaferri. The spotlights also shine on the modernist aesthetics of Almaz; on Peter Non’s footwear, transcending their mere function; on Trakatan’s geometries on leather and on Barbara Alan creative modernism.


At Showroom 31, an apparel and accessories selection for men that mixes styles, genres, shades and prints, for a non- conformist and vitaminic wear. This is what WHITE MILANO showcases in the brand-new  exhibiting area overlooking the Tortona 31 courtyard: a large two-storeys hall, furbished  as if it were a vast living room with as many corners as the collections it showcases, for a crossover of street-sourced  images bombing the web, down to a geek-chic mood, fit for easy-going Millennials. Selected according to buyer-oriented criteria, and perfectly in keeping with the Milanese tradeshow, T31 is going to welcome, for the first time at WHITE, Manufacture D’Essai, the legendary footwear brand that will unveil  at the tradeshow their line of biker boots for the Autumn-Winter 2018/19. Another remarkable new entry is V73, the luxury bags brand launched by designer Elisabetta Armellin. Their perfect match are Quattropiù minimal dresses, and Alex Ingh classy and candid blouses, the womenswear collection created by Alessandra Inghirami. Excellent debut for Sep T-Shirt, among the most coveted on the web, to be matched with Bandartigiana feather-light cashmere scarves and Innué’s leather and eco-fur bags, proposed in white as a tribute to the tradeshow. A kaleidoscope of colours for Piacentini, marking the debut of Andrea Teofilatto’s business in the prêt-à-porter segment, and for Le4uadre, the brand from Potenza that is gaining ground owing to the innovative design of its bags. Adoro Te’s precious sleepers and the total black, washed nappa bags by Antonio Cristiano, two illustrious examples of the most authentic hand-made Italian tradition, are also coming back to WHITE.

Sixteen brands selected by WHITE for a section dedicated to the new makers and the collections of famed Italian manufacturers. In the venue Quattrocento,  Tortona 31, the brand mix includes labels of accessories, apparel and jewels selected to offer a buyer-oriented range for the next cold season. The footwear of Alex, label from Marche that has launched the new cuissard with two-colour sole and La Belle, with extra-light boots in the next Winter season’s fashion shades. The unveiling of this WHITE area coincides  with Duca D’Ascalona’s debut at the show, one of the most coveted brands among cutting-edge stores, with the candid sneakers dedicated to the Italian art cities by Gio+. An altogether different appeal for the precious heels of Roberta Cenci’s labelled pumps and the shimmering shades of team styled OIM’s footwear  collection by Silvana Lauri. The allure of Marybloom’s precious capes, another illustrious debut at Tortona 31 Opificio, in tempered by the girlish flair of GIO.TTA, a much cherished brand among Italian teen-agers. Absolute debut for Beltepà, the Turin-based brand that launches a collection rife with the colourful woven fabrics of the Uzbek tradition. Exquisitely  Italian flair for the knitwear of the brand from Prato Denny, which proposes a contemporary capsule collection featuring first-class yarns. Second time at the Milanese fashion district for Shamur, the Turin-based knitwear label launched  by Maurizietta  Cabbia, who knowingly mixes colours to achieve a special unevenly-dyed effect. Other comebacks are Valentina Barberini, the entrepreneur-designer famous for her refined cocktail and evening garments and Giovanna Nicolai, from Marche, with her new proposals for the 2018/2019 FW daywear. As for the accessories, the new jewels crafted by Maria Elena Pino for her My Golden Cage, and, for his third season at White, Palermo-based Federico Price, author of iconic bags merging up-cycled materials, like old kimonos, wax fabrics and black Cinnisara leather inlays. From Sicily, the bags designed by the two sisters, Federica and Roberta Garofalo, for Bakarà, already present at the 2016 edition, a collection of leather bags matched with three- dimensional multi-colour materials.


Enjoying the vanguard design of Hotel Nhow, Tortona 35, two macro trends, stemming from a careful analysis of the collections on show. Timeless holds the creative essence of Boldrini Selleria dal 1955, of YAYA, Tonet and Aurora Prestige Venezia; while Captivating shines a light on brands like Cult, Derhy, Goa Goa, and many more. In the same venue, within a dedicated Special Area, the latest winner of Ramponi Award. The ninth edition of this Award - which fosters and rewards both the creativity and the marketability of the fashion system’s new entries - has crowned the talent of Lisa Anderlini and her brand LĀU


WHITE BIJOUX sheds its glittering allure on Tortona 35, home to a selection of 19 international  independent jewel designers and brands, chosen as a result of the collaboration between the tradeshow and Birik Butik, communication agency operating in the contemporary jewelry segment.  Thanks to a careful scouting activity, the section offers buyers a wide range of exceptional and unique jewels and accessories, selected owing to their creative concept and premium craftsmanship, among them: Jorge  Morales,  Giulia Boccafogli,  Natama Design, Alice Visin. For photography enthusiasts, Anna Breda’s photo exhibition - produced with the gear made available by Leica – which, as usual, enlivens the section.


WHITE’s creative selection relies on the industrial setting of Ex Ansaldo | BASE to maximize the effect. At this edition, Roy Roger’s denim stands out owing to its creativity, mixed with the brand’s heritage. Another renown presence among the visitors of Tortona 54 is Barracuda, footwear label belonging to the Gruppo Fabi, already present in January within the format Showroom Connection@WHITE.  Moon Boot reasserts itself as a master of cheerfulness and design with the iconic boots inspired by the 1969 Moon landing. Avenue 67, launched by three female entrepreneurs, features made-in-Italy classiness, with elegant and energetic bags. Atelier Cigala has revamped and updated the denim of the American tradition. Doria 1905 and Kopka Accessories - No Hats, focus on hats, they couldn’t differ more one from another, but they are both worthy of attention. Boème Milano merges romantic and contemporary appeal. An aesthetic path dedicated to art for TA|MO, a pure vision for Essentiel’s knitwear; Les Nereides-Paris’s bijoux alternate with Pomikaki’s bags, in an ideal creative axis connecting Venice and Paris. The Yellow area focuses on the “easy to buy” mood of the collections on show.

WHITE STUDIO  deserves a special mention.  In the hôtellerie-like setting of CASA BASE, the format launched in September 2017 is coming back, with a special connection among the brands on display and the support by top Italian retailers, in order to enhance, together, the image of the new made-in-Italy ready-to-wear. Among the highlights of this edition:  .SETTE, Cardillo_Design,  Irene Salvadorini, L.O.V., Samboue,  Silvio Betterelli  and Sylvio Giardina, while Rossella Jardini is present with a capsule collection designed with Aspesi.

A permanent fixture at the tradeshow, the focus on GLASSES. In Tortona 27 and 54, a creativity path zooms in on the cutting-edge eyewear by //Delirious,  Spektre Sunglasses. Pagani and Paquerettes Paris offer a pioneering glam vision of both sunglasses and goggles.

WHITE BEAUTY is the area of the tradeshow dedicated to a selection of Italian and international brands - specializing in artistic fragrances, body care, make-up and lifestyle – premiering their proposals at White. The section encompasses accessories capable of customizing and defining an outfit, like the parfum or makeup, plus the beauty and self-care segment. Voluspa, Teatro Fragranze Uniche,  Laurent Mazzone, Molinard, Franck Boclet,  Bougies Rigaud, Abaton, BKR, Omorovicza, Mendittorosa,  Coreterno,  Aether, Christian Tortu among  the area’s highlights.



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