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With 70 years it's always remains a sex symbol icon !!


Nylon stockings appear since the early 30s of the last century as a replacement for silk, although real marketing will take place in the 40s, when over 4000 models were sold in New York in just 3 hours.
In reality, nylon was initially used mainly for war use, for the creation of parachutes and tents for soldiers.

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Marlene Dietrich

Already in the thirties there were nylon socks that ended with an elastic without a flounce and until a few decades ago it was common use to roll up the upper part of the socks to be able to use them without garters.
But from the 50's of the last century nylon stockings became an accessory of femininity and a of sex symbol.

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Rita Hayworth

For the true marketing of the hold-ups, it will be necessary to wait until 1987, when this type of socks is relaunched by the main manufacturers, presenting at the end of the sock an embroidered flounce siliconed and worn without the garter belt.

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Angelina Jolie

The stockings have slowly conquered the market and inspired the most erotic fantasies of men and women conquering a top position among the most iconic garments of the female panorama, becoming a "must have" in every woman's wardrobe.
Several proposals have been made by many stylists by integrating this accessory as a protagonist garment, and whether it is colored, natural or extravagant, the hold-ups are that accessory that always reveal all the delicacy, sensuality and determination of the female personality.

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Eva Green

So we just have to choose the stocking that best suits our personality to celebrate 2020 in the name of reconfirming women's femininity.

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