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Yin and Yang, East and West, patchwork and plissè for Laura Biagiotti f/w 2016-17 collection

Fashion is a diffused form of art and Biagiotti’s winter elaborates a new aesthetic identity:  Confucian wisdom and contemporary language for gowns interposed to the fortune-evoking features. The collections’ ideogram is the encounter of cultures which determine innovative and vibrant combinations between forms, materials and handmade details. Absence of definition; transformation is the quintessence of fashion. Romantic shapes become fierce powerful suggestions which resemble Mao’s uniform. It’s Mr. Laura’s style which penetrates feminine energy, Yin, following with the masculine one, Yang. The fabrics communicate and converse between East and West, hundreds of meters of decorative fringes frill the knit fluctuating edges of gowns and winter coats. Sequences of studs are inlaid in the fabrics and in the tricot as in Ming armours. Contrasts determine a new harmony: statuesque materials as Mikado encounters the delicacy of butterflies and flowers applied or hand painted with brush strokes which resemble an elegant and harmonious bamboo representing eternity. This strong connection between the four seasons, enhance the coexistence of plissé gowns with dense fabrics and double details, embellished by embroideries which interchange with ideograms on the tulle also second skin of tight bustier adorned by imperial decorations. 

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