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Zambaiti Parati launches the new Trussardi N 6 collection, Special Edition


Zambaiti Parati - a leading company in the sector of wallcoverings - continues to express its creativity and commercial drive always oriented towards the international markets, confirming its partnership with the historic brand Trussardi to create a new collection of timeless elegance. This Special Edition is the sixth collection made by Zambaiti Parati in a continuous collaboration with the Trussardi Style Office. The collection is inspired by the latest Trussardi fashion collections which focus on the use of leather and synthetic leather, as well as natural textures and green patterns, reproducing the natural effects of stone and marble, tropical plants and flourishing foliage.

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This is the starting point of the catalogue and the drawings, which are then reproduced on the supports using the fabrics for clothing selected by Trussardi for its new style concepts. An essential aspect for the creation of the collection is the blend of objectives and synergies achieved through a constant dialogue between the creative staff of Trussardi and Zambaiti Parati. It makes it possible to create a new furnishing proposal under the stylistic sign of tradition and modern elegance.

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Starting from a concept of contemporary loft setting, wallpaper can also dress up a more “shabby” context, still giving it elegance and style as essential reference of Made in Italy. Actually, passion and attention to detail are the main features of the collection and the Italian lifestyle, which Trussardi brand represents. Zambaiti Parati also was committed to enhance a classic touch, combining modern ideas with tradition which is very popular these days among the most attractive markets, especially the Middle East, Russia and the former Soviet Republics.

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Together with leather, marble, animalier and vegetal effects, tactility plays a relevant role and proves once more to be an essential aesthetic condition of Zambaiti Parati products. The wide range of colors perfectly reflects Trussardi collections through a color palette ranging from lighter shades, white or cream, to dark black nuances and proposing fashion colors, playing with the pantone tones of grays or black shades but also with natural green tones, especially moss green.

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For the Trussardi Special Edition n 6 Collection, Zambaiti Parati has chosen to supply rolls of 106cm height, instead of the classic 70cm, to bring the coverage of a roll to exactly 10 m2. with the intended use being large private villas, food locations, and high-end retail spaces, that are always the highest expression of luxury. Not surprisingly, the name of Trussardi is elegantly highlighted in this collection.

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