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Alvian Joy Sculptures, the Perfection of the Imperfection

In the opinion of Alessandro and Andreana, founders of the jewelry brand Alvian, born in 2012, “ The imperfection makes us different in a perfect way”. After a long apprenticeship in the workshop of a famous sculptor in Siena (Vittoria Marziari) and the first works (statuettes, panels and home design), the two designer chose to launch their own brand of jewels-sculptures realized in bronze and often covered by precious material like gold 24 karats, pink gold and silver. The name of this line of jewelry is “Alvian Joy Sculptures”.

Every piece is absolutely handmaded and so one of a kind, exclusive, in the sign of the great craftmanship, but, above all, in the sign of the real Art that only creates art works born to be unique. Anyone who tries to copy a piece of art is just a forger or a failed artist without any kind of talent who, in his blackout of ideas and creativity, steals from the creative universe of true artists a spark of light, but in his hands, it will fade after done pale imitations of great creations, instead, full of light also thanks their “imperfection” that is, in art, just a way of defining the uniqueness of a work that maybe had to be born otherwise in the hands of the artist, but it is the mind to drive these hands in every single artisanal step and maybe every masterpiece has its own destiny in fieri, a destiny that an artist can't dominate, catched in his vortex of inspirations and thoughts. At the end the Imperfection is the real Perfection, otherwise it wouldn't be art or would it only in cold and industrial sense. But with Alvian we talk about craftsmanship and so about the uniqueness of imperfection. It is a very fascinating and amazing question, just like the jewelry sculpture of Alessandro and Andreana, fascinated by the lightness and ductility of bronze, their favourite material. The name of their jewelry line, “Alvian Joy Sculptures”, expresses the joy to create little scuptures to wear over a refined outfit. Jewels that are imperfect, but perfect, unique and unrepeatable as each person who wears them because it does not exist, nor will there be never a human being equal to another. And so art and real life happily come together.

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