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ARMANI/CASA: 10 years of lifestyle

With Armani/Casa, Giorgio Armani presents his ideal for living, his dream of the perfect environment: an intimate and comfortable space in which to relax, unwind and entertain. This is achieved through the synergies of a home collection ranging from furniture to accessories, textiles and decorative objects,

blending together to form a sophisticated atmosphere.

Armani/Casa’s distinctive style incorporates a harmonious combination of different inspirations and design codes. A natural predilection for the style of the Thirties and Forties and for the cultures of the Far East is a recurrent theme. Precious materials, sophisticated finishes, splendid textiles and immaculate details lie at the root of Armani/Casa’s aesthetic philosophy – an expression of a cultivated stylistic code that, while untouched by seasonal trends, is nevertheless the result of contemporary research.

During its 10 years of existence, Armani/Casa has never ceased to evolve, develop and grow into a comprehensive collection of furniture, accessories, rugs, lamps and textiles, and now also offers innovative concepts for the kitchen and bathroom.

It allows the creation of many different stylistic atmospheres, which can best respond to the variety of different wishes and desires of consumers for their residential needs. The unifying principle throughout is one of essentiality and sophisticated elegance.



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