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Asya Kozina and her extraordinary paper wigs

Paper wigs for the Russian artist Asya Kozina. Passionate about fashion history some years ago she wanted to reproduce the most beautiful wigs that was on paintings of gentlewomen of the Victorian era, her favourite era or french paramour of the imperial court of Marie Antoinette. His passion was later transformed into a specialization and now in a job because it is through these masterpieces created in an ephemeral and delicate material such as paper that she pointed out and came in contact with the world of art and fashion  In fact, there are many designers and photographer that require her richly detailed wigs entirely handmaded with an hyperbolic style to realize shooting from retrò and mysterious allure. After the series of paper wigs inspired by Victorian age and French court, the russian artist open her mind taking inspiration from many other cultures, creating even Mongolia-inspired dresses, absolutely unique.

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