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Blumarine, 30 years of romanticism and sensuality

Blumarine is the Blufin Group’s historic brand, introduced in 1977 and it symbolises Blufin and is its highest manifestation in terms of market positioning and image. The Group’s main line brand represents its core business in terms of sales.

Blumarine is the historic brand of the Blufin group: Blumarine has a rightful place among the most celebrated Italian fashion labels and has always been distinguished by its own recognised and well-known style and image, which have contributed to its increasing success. The range is a byword throughout the world for a style that is feminine, romantic and sensual, adjectives used by the brand right from the early years of its creation.

 Growth and success on the market have been simultaneous with ongoing development of the brand, increasingly apparent in the latest collections with a higher profile and products tending increasingly towards total luxury and with a development of an entire range of accessories as an addition to the rest of the fashion collection, creating a complete range. With a distribution that numbers around 400 retail outlets worldwide including over 40 monobrand stores and shops in shops/corners, the brand aims at increasing its strength and prominence in the coming years too.

Today the Blumarine label, together with the other historic Italian luxury brands, is positioned at the top end of the world market. The perennial goal of the company is to maintain and guarantee a very high level of quality and originality of the clothes and the image of the brand. For this reason extreme care and focus are dedicated to all the component parts of the brand and processing and production of the materials are always sophisticated and extremely high quality. To the same end interpretation of the image of the Blumarine brand is assigned to the greatest fashion photographers.

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