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Buccellati and the artisanal tecniques acquired from five centuries of Italian art

In 1919 Mario Buccellati opens its first boutique in Milan, from then until now is a crescendo of success and now the name of this extraordinary brand of fine jewelry Made in Italy is famous worldwide.

It’s impossibleto talk about Buccellati’s creations without acknowledging that a lot is connected to the context where ita creativity was born: the extraordinary Italy. The artisanal  techniques are in fact borrowed from five centuries of Italian art. Many renowned artists of this country were goldsmiths before they became sculptors, painters and architects. 

Botticelli, Brunelleschi, Donatello or Benvenuto Cellini left us with works of elevated goldsmithing to admire and emulate. To this heritage, which Buccellati obviously share with many other excellent Italian goldsmiths, Buccellati sadded its own inspiration and dedication.

From father to son, in fact, the brand passed on technical abilities acultivating a habit for surprising. Creating perfect objects with techniques that are rarely used anymore and choosing to work with extraordinary stones, these are not only founder’s habits, but it is now tattooed in the family dna, constituting in the world the heritage of a great italian griffe.

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