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Cactus de Cartier, jewels without thorns

A bold, free-spirited collection of powerful, sculptural pieces to love unconditionally. Putting a twist on traditional sources of inspiration, Cartier reveals the secret, distinctive beauty of these fascinating, uncompromising plants that we dare not touch, but observe from afar.

A hardy child of the desert, resistant to freezing nights and arid days, originating from a time before time began. Opening and flowering as it did at the dawn of time, it offers itself up unreservedly in the brilliance of its simplicity with this sun-drenched collection. The very essence of primal beauty, it radiates irresistibly under Cartier’s gaze. Dignified yet fantastical, this is a joyous tribute to these beautiful plants crowned with dew, some of which only flower at night. Seductive at daybreak, they are a luscious blend of the sometimes gentle, sometimes cruel pleasure of duality.

In this sublime, spiky collection, Cartier has overturned convention and redefined jewellery. Geometry, cut-outs, proportions: the unapproachable becomes softer and tamely reveals three unexpected faces.


Credits: Txema Yeste © Cartier


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