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From the Russian ballets, to the New York City Ballet, Valentino f/w 2016 collection

The Valentino Autumn/Winter 2016-17 collection arises from a deliberation on eras and on the value of making fashion in a world that has become two-dimensional and it offers a reply to chaos and to the uncertainty of present times, stepping away from virtuality in order to discover the essence of the contemporary in experiences that need to be truly lived, in person.

From the Russian ballets, to the New York City Ballet, the unraveling of a non narrative thread that favors instinct to logic, releasing primordial energies. Military coats protect impalpable dresses.

Floral tutus become meager tops; flared skirts are worn with reinterpreted ballet shoes.

Fluid draperies in jersey accompany the body. Perceptive bewilderment characterizes the robes worn with silk stockings and dance sandals. The dry precision of sartorial discipline, meets floral graciousness and flutters.

The woman is the protagonist of this illustration, free in her gestures and in her thoughts, subject of an experience that bestows to fashion the status of expression and imagination.

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