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Fashion phone by Giambattista Valli and Nokia

Nokia has joined creative forces with talented fashion designer Giambattista Valli to craft the Nokia 7373 Special Edition. For this one-of-a-kind cooperation between a thriving creator of new designs and the pioneer in mobile fashion accessories,

Like a dress, shoes and jewelry, the Nokia 7373 Special Edition phones follow the Giambattista Valli' style. The Nokia 7373 Special Edition Powder Pink marries the faded luxury of grand architecture of the creations signed by Valli, like the iconic pearl necklace for a strap and a miniature pink skull. The Nokia 7373 Special Edition Black Chrome fuses its elegant glossy black appearance with an en vogue gros grain and onyx-like crystal strap. A black skull adds the finishing touches to a sensually appealing display of fashion. For style-conscious consumers, the Nokia 7373 Special Edition resembles a beautifully designed invitation into the world of catwalks and glamour.


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