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“Folies in Porto Cervo”, high jewellery exhibition by De Grisogono

The de Grisogono High Jewellery collection, signed by the great talent of Fawaz Gruosi, founder and artistic director of ithis amazing maison, is currently on exhibition in Porto Cervo.

A past master in the creation of exceptional objects embodying superlative expertise, de Grisogono has a history of outstanding compositions and haute couture creations whose creativity and exuberance have transcended all existing limits. Embodying a subtle combination of de Grisogono distinctive signatures, they favour exceptional stones, whose cut and colour is enhanced by state-of-the-art setting techniques. True to its motto: THE BEAUTY OF AUDACITY, the maison de Grisogono excels in the art of elevating its artistic creations to the status of unique expressions of haute couture.

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