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Freitag launches two bag realized in F-abric, a new biodegradable fabric


Thanks to the unwavering ethical passion for the eco-sustainability and environmental impact of fashion on our ambient, the Swiss brand Freitag, famous worldwide for its bags made with recycled tarps of old trucks, now launches a new line of bags made from biodegradable fabric named “F-abric”, produced from organic raw materials. This fabric has already been successfully tested by Freitag in its line of clothing and now it's time for accessories with two models of bags, a tote bag and a shopper, realized in french linen that has the ability to be biodegradable if thrown with conscience in the organic,waste basket, but before it's necessary to detach the neck strap because just this one, in pure Freitag style, is already realized with tarps of old truck. As always when we talk about Freitag we talk about unique pieces because each fabric, which is taken from the truck tarp or made with this new type of biodegradable fabric is unique. In fact, it is not an industrial production but an original recycling project that now with F-abric reaches a new milestone, while stocks last. And it's only the beginning. The claim of the advertising campaign is “Carry a load and leave nothing behind”. 

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