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Garage Italia Customs represents a creative, contemporary take on traditional

Italian craftsmanship and excellence, while embodying today’s essential call for uniqueness. In catering to international appreciators of the ‘tailor-made culture’, Garage Italia Customs seeks to express the personality and taste of each one through exclusive, custom-made restyling projects that thrive on the modern techniques available in the automotive industry.

Garage Italia customs is a creative hub where research, development and style weave together by virtue of competent Personal Designers who conceive, interpret and design client requests from beginning to end. The services offered include personalized exterior bodywork through painting and innovative wrapping techniques, as well as interior restyling through ‘made-to-measure’ moulding and upholstery. Different materials, fabrics and colors are all essential parts of the creative process to define the project as are experiments to produce one-of-a-kind features, making for an unlimited number of stylistic twists.

THE MAESTROS: the exclusive services offered by Garage Italia Customs are executed by highly skilled professionals of the automotive industry, whose main ambition is to bring to life client dreams while aiming for excellence. Creativity, attention to detail, advanced technologies and experience meet to transform every project into a unique work of art.

THE ATELIER: Garage Italia Customs is based in Milan, the city of fashion and design par excellence. Reflecting a rich history of ‘Made in Italy’, while at the same time expressing a forward-thinking vision of it just like Garage Italia Customs itself, the headquarters currently situated in Via Pizzoni 1 will soon move to a memorable setting for the automotive industry: the Agip petrol station found in Piazzale Accursio, conceived by the architect Mario Bacciocchi in 1952.



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