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Granville, the Exhibition “Women in Dior: Sublime Elegance of a Portait”

This summer, and running until 25 September, the Musée Christian Dior is home to an exhibition dedicated to women, famous and anonymous alike, who have worn the House's creations.

From Marilyn Monroe’s last sitting with Bert Stern to today's actresses,  along with members of high society, collaborators, women artists, journalists, powerful entrepreneurs, brides, and a sprinkling of the anonymous, the new exhibition at the Musée Christian Dior reveals how each woman interprets and enhances the House’s creations in her own individual way. As part of the portraiture-focused Normandy Impressionist Festival, this exhibition is a gorgeous gallery of women in haute couture.

Similar to how the Impressionists captured women in painted snapshots of modern life, the clothing and accessories of these Dior-wearing women uncover and reveal each ones personality. Mitzah Bricard, the couturier's muse, gives us the codes of her wardrobe, the simplicity of her outfits highlighted by strong jewels, with her favorite colors lilac and navy blue, not forgetting her panther motif. Marilyn posed for the last time at the Hotel Bel-Air in Los Angeles for Vogue in a dress that underscored her fragility. Patricia Lopez Willshaw personalized the straps of all her ball gowns with two brooches in the form of a Fontanges bow, while Diana, Princess of Wales accessorized her gala dress with a mini Lady Dior bag. All moments of the day and evening are covered by the forty unique and different personalities, ranging from delicate designs for day through sumptuous evening dresses. Paintings, photographs, outfits and accessories combine to evoke the elegance of these women and how each one makes her Dior her own.


Photo Credit: Sophie Carre

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