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Great success for Premio Moda “Città dei Sassi”

Extraordinary success for the famous “Premio Moda “Città dei Sassi” where sensuality, passion, originality and international appealing characterized the 8th Edition of the International Contest for High Fashion Designers. The goal of this contest is to discover new talents and professionals in the world of female fashion, enhanching their taents thanks the beautiful location of Matera (UNESCO World Heritage and European Capital of Culture 2019).

This 8th edition of this fashion event, organized by of Sabrina Gallitto and Officina della Cultura with the artistic direction of Enzo Centonze,  it presented by anchorwoman Veronica Maya in the amazing Piazza San Pietro Cavesoso di Matera.

Concurrent of this fashion competition was 8: Rihad Boudaya, Simone Bartolotta & Salvatore Martorana (Esse Artistic Designers), Maria Renata Ippolito, Rossella Isoldi, Vincenza Lacava, Dalila Palumbo, Gaetano Ruisi and Antonella Verriello.

The two sicilian artistic duo composed by Simone Bartolotta & Salvatore Martorana (Esse Artistic Designers) won this contest dedicated to Marilyn Monroe, movie star and timeless fashion icon.

Critics Award to Dalila Palumbo, from Puglia, for her poetic and passional collection, absolutely fairy tale for inspiration between tradition and innovation, thanks a masterful sartorial skills and precious embroideries on fabrics used.

A special plaques went to maison Gai Mattiolo that from 30 years is always been a symbol of the great international High Fashion and Prét à Porter, a masterful synonymous of class, elegance, representing in the world the real valuable uniqueness of Made in Italy. The other one plaque went to the dutch fashion designer Addy van den Krommenacker for creating a luxurious and refined style, a modern language of his taste, elegance, culture, representing in the world the real valuable uniqueness of Haute Couture.

To close this magnificent fashion event the great name of the international Haute Couture: the Dutch Designer Addy van den Krommenacker with his fine collection dedicated to the painter Jheronimus Bosch, the fampis haute couturier Michele Miglionico with an anthology of his total red as a tribute to Matera and, finally, the elegance of Gai Mattiolo with his collection titled "The Red Carpet". 

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