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Hats that tell our story: Alessandra Zanaria and emotional proposals

For him and for her. More than simple hats: an identity declaration, a calling card of our personality. Alessandra Zanaria is a milliner, little-used term today, but a very popular word some times ago to indicate the creators of hats, besides Coco Chanel began his career just as milliner in Paris before becoming a fashion designer. Her creation was adorable but not at the height of her direct competitor, the great Elsa Schiaparelli, a surrealist artist lent to the fashion world, but however deliciously refined and inspired by the style of the roaring Twienties.

Alessandra Zanaria is not far behind in terms of creativity and, above all, she is totally free from any trend of the moment: her hats tell the story of the wearer and since each of us is absolute, unique and unrepeatable, even Alessandra Zanaria creations are so.

The materials used are various, as are the iconic and original shapes, to the point that it is virtually impossible to find among the many proposals of this eclectic designer the hat of our dreams.

Because this is a very special accessory that today, such as gloves, is absurdly little used except by sophisticated customers at party, openings and ceremonies or by young fashionista to enhance their eclectic look.

Perhaps because it takes personality to wear an accessory so important that reveals so much about us. Behind a hat you can't hide as you can do wearing an elegant dresses or a precious parure, because the gaze of others people is captured by them to the point of putting almost overshadowed the wearer.

A hat instantly reveals to others our tastes, desires and, therefore, our deepest being.

By bon-ton model to the most eccentric, Oscar Wilde was right when he wrote that "only a fool does not judge by appearances" and Alessandra Azaria knows so much this truth so every  collection is rich of many proposals that are perfect for every kind of woman and man, always in the name of that uniqueness that always turns into a perfect harmony, almost a symbiosis between the customer and his hat that could not be anything other than what he chose. 

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