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Haute Couture Rome 2016, Artisans of the future: Couture Techniques

In order to draw attention to and further highlight the techniques of couture, Altaroma and the Polo Museale del Lazio, directed by Edith Gabrielli, will present “Artigiani del futuro: Tecniche di Couture” (“Artisans of the future: Couture Techniques”) at the Museo Boncompagni Ludovisi per le Arti decorative, il Costume e la Moda dei secoli XIX e XX, which is under the direction of Matilde Amaturo. 

The synergy between ALTAROMA and the Polo Museale del Lazio, serving as a means of promoting and informing the public about the initiatives and treasures of the Museo per le Arti decorative, il Costume e la Moda dei secoli XIX e XX has thus become a reality.   

To mark the occasion, Balestra has decided to donate an A/I 2008-09 dress which will officially become a part of the museum’s collection.  

Continuing its commitment to promoting training, by respecting and keeping the necessary co-existence of tradition and innovation alive, and supporting the purest heritage, Altaroma is honoured to sponsor an ambitious project stemming from the ideals shared by FENDI and Sartoria Massoli of Casperia. The latter, a historical tailor’s shop, boasts a 30-year partnership with Fendi for whom it creates most of its prêt-a-porter collections. Sharing the same passion for high quality and attention to detail, these two entities decided to launch the Accademia di Sartoria Maria Antonietta Massoli. This haute couture school’s objective is to train a new generation of expert artisans, by handing down the know-how, and preserving and promoting the values of Made in Italy and those of the entire region of Lazio. Nine students from the Academy will be given a chance to reinterpret nine iconic garments of the museum’s collection. Students assigned to the project include Valentina Rania for Balestra, Agata De Palo for Valentino, Leslie Chiliquinga for Sarli, Elena Cornaci for Fernanda Gattinoni, Adriana Rasi for Visconti, Angelica Aquila for Zecca, Susanna Piergentili for Capucci, Chiara Marzocchetti for De Luca and Andrea Piana for Raniero Gattinoni.   This special project was developed by the students of the Accademia di Sartoria Maria Antonietta Massoli (Academic Year 2015/2016) as proof of the incredible techniques and skills acquired by this new generation of expert artisans.

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