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Haute Couture Rome 2016, “Centerfold: il saper fare messo a nudo” event

Monteneri, a platform inspired by the savoir faire applied to fashion and design and combining the tradecraft of leather work with new industrial technologies, debuts on the Altaroma events calendar with a dedicated event.   

An innovative project targeted at promoting local production and the dialogue between artisans in different fields. Established in Valentano, on the banks of Lake Bolsena, Monteneri was founded by the DiMar Group and is a jewel in the crown of Made in Italy creations, boasting a network of 600 craftsmen who manufacture leather goods for many of Italy’s leading luxury brands. This project is targeted at promoting local production and dialogue between artisans in different fields.

With the presentation of  ‘Centerfold: il saper fare messo a nudo’, Monteneri intends to reveal and promote the technical skills of its craftsmen: this hub  encourages experimentation and promotes high-quality manufacture. In English, Centerfold refers to the two middle pages of a magazine,  taken up by a single illustration or feature. Monteneri references this definition to describe the key role played by the professionals who have made the DiMar Group one of the most advanced entities of Made in Italy. 

In addition to a second collection of bags and accessories, premium-quality items created by combining traditional leather working techniques with innovative technological manufacturing processes, Monteneri presents the Marquise Bag, awarded the CNA National Prize at Open Design Italia in Vincenza in June 2016.  Inspired by the multiple facets of precious stones, the material is made by applying the ancient techniques of astucciai – skin moulding – on a PVC film.  

Based on the different stages of the manufacturing process, the Monteneri event will  compare the different aspects of savoir fare required to create a bag,  showcasing the mastery, ability and technical skills of the artisans involved, whose photos will be displayed  in a layout resembling an art gallery giving visibility to the authors of these creations.   The diversity of the artisans will be disclosed and compared with the distinctive traits of  savoir faire, different technical skills and the multiple craft techniques, of which Montineri’s craftsmen are the custodians.   

A selection of samples of artisanal manufacturing techniques, presented in a leather folder created ad hoc and designed and developed for the Monteneri archives, will be showcased alongside craftsmen at work who will demonstrate all their technical skills,  recreating the ambiance of its factory, a world involving constant interaction between designers, artists and craftsmen. 

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