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Haute Couture Rome 2016, Hussein Bazaza

Testifying to renewed interest in couture and tradition revisited in a contemporary key by new talent, Hussein Bazaza, winner of the special edition of “Who Is On Next? Dubai” in October 2015, debuts in Rome.

The young Lebanese designer will present a haute couture revisitation of his FW 2016-2017 pret – a – porter collection showcased in the capital of the Arab Emirates.

The story of “Sophia The Alchemist” continues with a narrative of a journey in discovery of the Elixir of Long Life. It draws inspiration from the time when alchemists sought the means for formulating the Elixir of Long Life, to discover immortality and a universal cure for diseases. The story starts with Sophia the Alchemist who, during medieval times, found the miraculous formula for the Elixir of Long Life which she kept hidden and which, to-date, has never been revealed. Sophia became immortal and lived through various ages, concealing

the mystery of eternal life and the secret of her formula. Sophia hid the Elixir of Long Life in red apple which she took wherever she we nt, deeming it the source of her happiness. She believed in it so strongly that she considered anything to be possible – eternal youth, happiness and immortality. It was, in fact, this conviction that transformed her from “Sophia The Alchemist” into “Sophia The Goddess”.

The key elements of the collection draw inspiration from the archives of alchemists, their studies, geometric symbols, sketches and equations.

The use of lace and a combination of embroidery, decorations and prints create a marvelous ‘painted effect’ on garments, further enhanced by embroidered symbols, stars, butterflies, unicorns and elements of nature. The colour palette runs the gamut of black, white, grey, gold and red. Dresses and flared skirts, high necklines and draping define the silhouette of Hussein Bazaza F/W 2016-2017 collection. 


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