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Haute Couture Rome 2016, Quattromani

It 'a story of love and passion the inspiration for the 2017 Spring-Summer collection by Quattromani. The Straw Path Sa de sa bia palla (or paggia) in  Sardinian dialect, is the trail left on the fields, a road marked between two lovers' houses, walked on repeatedly at twilight to hide away from prying eyes. The path travelled during the night by the couple's friends to facilitate their meetings, was destroyed during the day by the girl's family  to cover up any inappropriate and dangerous connections. In Sardinian dialect Sa Biade sa palla is also the translation of 'Milky Way'. That's where the oneiric link between the couple's love and the infinite wonder of the night sky connect, as a witness of the path walked in the name of love, as a projection in the firmament.

This story, infused by summer breeze and sensual perfumes, is the muse for the designs of maxi and cocktail dresses in crepe de chine and cady cracks, tightened at the waist by thin organza bows; lightly delicate embroidery, lurex knit tops and cotton poplin jumpsuits; vaporous shirts and pencil skirts in tulle and organza barrè. A vibrant aesthetic point of view that synthesizes the tradition of a personal and neo-artisanal stylistic vision. 

The colors palette is a chromatic tribute to the Sardinian summer, from the dyed blond corn fields, to the red poppies and the coral orange, to the endless shades of blue nightly views. It 'an hymn to natural pantheism, defined by its hues and delicate appeal.

About accessories the focus is on mini and maxi briefcases, buckets and mini clutches in yellow, red, blue and pink nude colors with genuine and synthetic leather inlays. 

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