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Haute Couture Rome 2016, Sabrina Persechino

A Midsummer Night's Dream. Hosted by the iconic and evocative “The Church Palace”, renovated just by Sabrina Persechino, not only an extraordinary fashion designer but also a brilliant architect, her fall/winter 2016-17 haute couture since from the first dress on the catwalk proved to be a breath of fresh air and a happy celebration of true Italian High Fashion that for arousing emotions and fascinating does not need any eccentricity and hyperbolicembroideries, but it bets entirely on the charme, elegance and, above all, on the italian savoir faire that always belongs to the dna of our land. 

The world, times, fashion change, everything changes and also the Haute Couture must change ferrying his supreme craftsmanship not only in the contemporary world, but especially in the real world where there is no more space for clothes that are only beautiful but sterile creations because unwearable. If Haute Couture is a dream, it's time to wake up because it can no longer be a parallel universe to reality. It's time for high fashion to immersing itself in the real contemporary world, innovating itself and as a chrysalis reborn and find new ways of expression in which high sartorial tecniques and the great craftmanship remain the great protaginists able to understand the real needs of modern women. Sabrina Persechino is the perfect spokesperson of this demand and she sent out on the catwalk amazing dresses with tight line, impeccable cut and with an absolutely sophisticated. Everything is refinement. The fashion show goes forward for blocks, to better convey to the press and guests all the work  behind each piece.

It begins with white: soave, delicate, yet strong and feminine. Sabrina Persechino gives us her very personal interpretation through tight coats long until the knee, sensual longuette dresses with V-necklines and three quarter sleeves without forgetting for the evening to launch evanescent, sensual, long dress with delicate train,  combined with sublime maxi coat absolutely wide and over.

A triumph of pure beauty in the sygn of the brightest color, with delicate heraldic decorations, ramage, that constitute the leitmotif of each garment en blanche.

Every outfit and every coat, including a wonderful delicate top realized in tulle under a jacket perfect all day long, repeated this classical decoration on edge, necklines or even on the waist where they are embroidered on bands realized in transparent fabric. And, with the parterre of guests and press accommodated in a beautiful park with ancient remains, this detail is absolutely perfect and iconic.

It's now the time of the grey, absolutely glam and techno because Sabrina Persechino think like an architect: she loves literally design every creation not only thinking about the model and the silhouette, but, above all, to the materials with which it will be implemented.

This leads her to make a constant design research in the field of textiles, experimenting and daring combinations, often by herself designed, as in pencil dresses available in a matte grey illuminated by shiny leather inserts ton sur ton, including a fabolous iridescent leather. Absolutely winning is the contrast between matt and glossy grey with and a modelling and tailoring mastery always flawless, as also in the third block of dresses, realized with a sequined fabric pressed, printed and composed to form extraordinary geometries. Geat protagonis in this items is the deep green nuance, so warm, enveloping and gifted by considerable visual impact for minimal chic creations inspired by japanese culture like in the sumptous grand soirée waisted jacket and the marvellous longuette dresses with enchanting and wide sleeves, reminiscent of kimono sleeves.

Also in this case every shapes and lines are absolutely essential, clean and rigorous, in the name of a high fashion finally wearable and chic, dedicated to upper class women that proudly believe that less is more. Total black for the last block of items of this beautiful collection with longuette dresses with refined three-quarter sleeves. Fabolous the waisted top enriched by etheral volant that enhanced the feminine silhouette. Techno-chic the evening gowns with sleveless bodice and long skirt that touch lightly the silhouette. Everything is realized in a particular spreaded leather, always in the name of a deep passion for experimentation and research that makes Sabrina Persechino the new face of Italian Haute Couture, who believes in our textile industry, the best in the world and dares, innovates, modernises, respects and yet defies tradition looking for a haute couture finally new that can face the future with renewed confidence.

And finally it's the time of the Bride with a long dress sartorially masterful: total white, with bodice sleeveless and long skirt with  an important train like absolutely imperial is the long veil bordered by heraldic decoration. This ramage are also on the head of the Bride as a royal crown and, if the bouquet, is a ring on her finger, the veil starts from an elegant chignon, an elegant piece of art created by the great Sergio Valente who created the sublime hairstyling of this collection with his extraordinary skill and the good taste of always.

If Paganini does not repeat, Rome yes, unfortunately, except Sabrina Persechino with a haute couture collection perfectly centered on a bold contrast between techno and classical that she is able to balance with a great savoir faire.

Everything else in the fashion serves only to distract from the line of the dress that is, instead, the one and only indicator of the level of craftsmanship, modelling and tailoring that a high fashion brand can express. That's it.

It's a really beautiful Italian collection that it does not choose the easy way of embroideries and eclectic and hyperbolic volumes to sell itself better on the international market, especially Middle East but it remains so wonderfully Italian in the style and charm from the first to the last item, because too many people forget that overseas want to see, buy and wear the Italian style Italian, not something that looks like their style. And Sabrina Persechino is so superbly Italian. 


Credits: ph. Salvatore Dragone

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