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Haute Couture Rome 2016, Scuola di Moda Ida Ferri

Shadow and light: two elements that do not separate ever. Extremes, but tied together. Withe: light and glare. Black: shadow and profundity. This is what chracterized the haute couture collection 2016 signed by Scuola di Moda Ida Ferri, born from the desire to express two elements with rigorous and, at the same time, soft shapes thanks the fabrics used for: silk jersey, paillettes, swarovski, plumes. Absolutely remarkable the contrast between heavy fabrics, so covered, mixed with light and ethereal fabrics, while embroderies symbolize the light reflection on the water and on the glass and the brilliant depth of  the shadow. Finally a coup de théâtre with creations dedicated to soft colors for an explosive and glamorous rainbow. 

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