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Les Parisiennes collection bu Guerlain, dreamy and unique perfumery treasure

The Les Parisiennes collection is composed of exclusive re-editions of fragrances belonging to Guerlain's heritage at the demand of their fans, who couldn't bear the thought of going without them. Real perfumery treasures. This amazing collection is composed by “L'Heure de Nuit” (The promise of an unforgettable night in Paris ), “Liu” (a delicate and timeless olfactory poem), “Mon Précieux Nectar” (an exquisite skin-caressing scent) and “Nuit d'Amour” (like a delicate and intense encounter). Enchanting the inspiration of this last one: Jean-Paul Guerlain created “Nuit d’Amour” as a tribute to Gustav Klimt and one of his works of art, “Lady with Hat and Feather Boa”. This floral, powdery and woody fragrance, in fact, recalls the stirring emotion that might strike when you encounter an unknown woman with indefinable charm. 

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