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Pitti 2016, Geox launches Nebula and NEW:DO s/s 2017 collections

As the new Summer season approaches, Nebula's properties of breathability and responsiveness migrate from footwear to both menswear and womenswear, creating a fabulous fusion of contemporary design and natural comfort and upholding those authentic values of wellbeing all day long and day in day out. About the shoes, Nebula is a staggeringly versatile piece of footwear. An incredibly advanced product which outstrips all that has come before it. A symbol of "living life to the fullest" based on its exclusive 3D Breathing System which ensures that the foot can breathe all over and in all directions. And as if this were not enough, it is also extraordinarily lightweight and flexible. A supple and trendy shoe which debunks the myth that premium shoes can't make their wearer feel good. This superior piece of footwear has been carefully engineered and meticulously designed to make you feel as if you were walking on a cloud.

About the Outwear, for the Summer season, GEOX'S innovative breathable system moves across to the outerwear segment. The Cardo fabric, a blend of nylon and wool, has been placed inside the garment so that the air is made to flow upward to shoulder height where it is released via the special breathing tape. The sensation of well-being is further enhanced by convenient breathable inserts cleverly placed beneath the armpits and by an opening on the back which steps up the aeration in the garment interior. Last of all, the unique mesh lining also facilitates air circulation, helping the body to find and maintain its ideal temperature as it breathes in all directions.

The new season has 3 modern-looking jackets which have been specially designed for their versatility and multifunctionality, so you they will fit easily into your wardrobe. A cult tenet of the male wardrobe, the sailor bomber jacket, has been defined with an elegantly engineered cut, underarm aeration and black tonal design elements. With a non-detachable drawstring hood, the cropped parka features a custom moulded zips and contrasting yellow mesh lining. That evergreen alternative to more casual looks, the full-length trench cuts a dash with its inner drawstrings and reinforced cuffs and front panel at pocket height. They are waterproof and suitable for any weather conditions because the fabric has been piece-dyed and treated to make it completely water-repellent. Lastly, just like the footwear, they have been fitted with a series of handy clip fastenings, press studs and zips which run right down the garment, and moulded for an easy fit so they can be readily slipped on and off.


Design, innovation and respect for the environment are the core values of our NEW:DO® project which, with the coming Summer season, will be opening up to include womenswear and menswear as well as footwear and outerwear, bridging the gap between style and progress with GEOX's steadfast belief in wellbeing and everyday comfort.

About shoes, with its sights firmly set on reducing environmental impact to a minimum by using the smallest possible number of components, thus simplifying the manufacturing process (and consequently also whittling down consumption), Geox has come up with its latest NEW:DO® models. And it has done itself proud with a highly versatile and contemporary material range and colour array which is halfway between sporty practicality and urban style. Taking advantage of GEOX's immense technological experience, NEW:DO® has been able to push back the frontiers of research in terms of aesthetics and performance standards, achieving a massive reduction in the amount of materials involved in the production process. Thus, this Sustainable Innovation project, which touches on all corporate areas and activities ranging from the supply chain to work spaces and from human resources to the end product, has finally come to fruition. An attractive, healthy and safe product. One in which GEOX's breathing technology has been fused with the purity of essential leather and treated with an innovative metal-free tanning process.

The shoe then undergoes a natural wax polishing phase after which the special Strobel technique commences whereby each single piece is sewn using the least possible amount of adhesive and energy. Equally environmentally friendly, the sole is made from natural rubber: an extract of botanic origin taken from the Hevea tree which is 100% recyclable and reusable.

About Outwear, staunchly loyal to the idea of eco-sustainability, Geox has taken every step of the way during the development of NEW:DO with its customary commitment to its ideals. The “less is more” approach translates into sheer beauty and fuses with GEOX's unique Breathing System in NEW:DO®'s first two jackets: a longline parka and a blazer.

The casual/workwear style parka has been beautified with heavy-duty stitching details and makes use of polyester tapes on the inner drawstring and as a reinforcement for the button band of the hood. Whilst its unlined silhouette is remarkably unassuming and fuss-free, NEW:DO® surprises with its printed lining which borrows from Nature and features our cardo fabric overlaid with a printed mesh in recycled polyester and organic marl cotton bands. The elbows have been reinforced with tonal patches and the Ecomarble buttons are reminiscent of heritage horn buttons. The blazer too refreshes the classic look with a casual contemporary feel, as transpires from the soft texture of the lightweight washed cotton. The 3-button cut and dry fit bring the garment into line with current sportswear jacket trends. With its thin lapels and small front pocket, the blazer doubles up as a handy and multifunctional overjacket, making it a precious everyday staple. Both articles have been made with BCI cotton, a natural fibre grown on farms which adopt the protocols of the Better Cotton Initiative, a non-profit organisation which promotes holistic farming practices and safeguards both people's livelihoods and the environment.

BCI does not only vouch for the high quality of the fibres, but it also ensures that the regulations established by the ILO (International Labour Organisation, a United Nations Agency actively involved in stewarding the respect of freedom, equality, safety and human dignity in the world of work) are actually implemented. The finished garments are certified by OEKO-TEX, the German body that applies exacting standards and checks for any substances which might be toxic or harmful for the consumer. In addition, the BCI cotton undergoes a Naturdye technique: this vanguard process develops the colours of leaves and nutshells with an extremely efficient process which consumes 20% less water and 40% less energy. All the buttons are Ecomarble in keeping with the dictates of the DETOX specifications and produced by using resin from 15% of recycled materials. The bands have been made in GOTS-certified organic cotton and the zips are OEKO-TEX certified and in line with DETOX specifications. They use a recycled polyester New Life yarn coming from PET bottles. Lastly, the metal chains have been made from partially recycled materials retrieved by means of an industrial waste recovery process and subjected to an efficient galvanisation process.


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