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Pommes de Claire, a sophistication and charming pret à couture

Pommes de Claire is an italian brand created by Chiara Salvioli, a graphic designer, dressmaker and fashion designer from Mantova. The apple symbolizes all the closed in feelings in the passion of creating clothes. The apple has always accompanied man throughout history, right from the start with Adam and Eve, passing for Newton up-to William Tell, even in the fairytale of  Snow White up to the modern day operative system Apple  and for a 1000 reasons the apple is connected to man like a magical frame.

The line of clothes are linear and clean, with an amazing allure retrò but this eclectic fashion designer is able to renew every item thanks her creativity and a masterful tailoring tecnique, just in her last fall-winter 2016-17 collection, so refined and sophisticated but, at the same time, absoluty fresh, new and innovative, as shown especially by the coats that are so bon ton and ladylike but thanks asymmetrical cuts and contemporary shapes became modern and glamour. Perfect all day long, they are a real sartorial masterpieces thanks flawless modelling and sartorial tecniques and a deep love for the beaty and well done.

Pommes de Claire, therefore, is bon chic bon genre, but thanks the artisanal skills of Chiara Salvioli has a style totally reintrerpreted in a new way, always sophisticated but, above all, unexpected  and absolutey pret à couture.



Photo: Anna Breda
MUA: Alessio Giovannelli
STYLIST: Chiara Salvioli per Pommes de Claire
TEXT: Chiara Salvioli / Lauro Melotti
ASSISTANTS: Maddalena Bottoglia / Ana Cabanov


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