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S&P, the old style blow tie now realized in aluminum

The brand S&P ( acronym of Soul & Parrion) was born from the meeting of two young designers, Luca Angerame and Laura Barbera, who discovered to sharing a passion for an old style accessory, the bow tie.

It all started from the idea of wanting to create a different from the existing ones, in order to achieve something unique, stylish and original.

Starts to play the desire to experiment with new forms and every possible materials: from cardboard and plastic to metal, specifically the aluminum.

The result of this creative process has led to the creation of prototypes: lightweight, amazing, unique...but how to wear them? An important question.

After several attempts, Luca and Laura, with their souls and their passion, they managed to find the perfect solution, comfyt and, at the same time, able to enhance the uniqueness of the material. Thus was born “The First”, their first bow tie: basic, simple but elegant.

The surprise for the interest aroused has motivated the two designers in the creation of a real line of bow ties to be marketed, characterized by 5 different model: The First, classic and essential; Parrot, enchanting and refined, Snaps, sober and elegant, Gorgeous ecllectic and original and Lady Snaps, precious and absolutely feminine.

Comes to life a new concept of bowtie, Out of The Ordinary, no longer limited to an adult and male client, but also women because it is elegant, refined and at the same time wacky and versatile

S&P is absolutely artisanal and absolutely Made in Italy: every papillon is smoothed manually gifting to each article special nuances that make it different from others.


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